Rank & File 1.2

Lots of requests filled with version 1.2 which is out today:

  • Added support for adding Google Analytics to your blog
  • Added LinkedIn & Ning as network options.
  • Added styling for the <pre> tag
  • "Liked" header now links to /liked/by/username
  • Header now renders via Cufon for cross-browser compatibility. 
  • Fixed bug that caused tags to be hidden in certain cases.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the navigation bar text from resizing.

A frequent request was the ability to choose certain paragraphs to line break (as opposed to indent). This is now possible with a little trick. If you edit a post or page’s HTML source, you can insert an <hr> tag between two paragraphs to get a clean break: no indent on the second paragraph and a healthy amount of space in between (the <hr> itself will not be visible).

Do let us know if there any additions you’d like to see. Contact us by email at contact@sleepoversf.com or head on over to the theme page and leave a suggestion (or praise if you like the theme!).